Where Dreams Comes From

“What are you listening to?” “Music.” “Obviously I know that,I mean by who was this sung?” “Whom. It’s an opera aria, by Mozart,the woman singing is Anna Nebtreko.” She lifted her intense gaze slowly from her canvas and stared out at me from behind her gold rimmed glasses and used  neatly manicured fingers to force … Continue reading Where Dreams Comes From

Language Policy in Lagos

  The language policy in Nigerian schools entails, English as the standard medium of communication between the teacher and student. Indigenous languages such as Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa are electives in the Nigerian curriculum. They are not compulsory subjects to sit for at the end of Basic Education. On the other hand, English is a … Continue reading Language Policy in Lagos

“20 Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs that will surely make you laugh”

Jamaicans speak their Creole with such pride and enthusiasm that foreigners become eager to learn it. Nigerians, on the other avoid speaking their Pidgin, with the mindset that it is socially degrading but nonetheless complain of its unpopularity. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m sure that the Jamaican Creole wasn’t created in one … Continue reading “20 Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs that will surely make you laugh”