TPM: Good afternoon Michael, how are you? Michael: Great afternoon to you too TPM: Please could you introduce yourself to us? Michael: Ok. I am Ishiguzo Michael Chijioke. I am a self-realization therapist, female advocate, anti-immorality agent and founder of The Battlefield Foundation. TPM: Wow that's a lot of things that you are Michael. Could … Continue reading MICHAEL CHIJOKE


“Uncle! Uncle Osinachi! Come and buy red pepper from me, na. The freshest wans avelebuh. You can’t find this type anywhere o” Daluchi, my wife’s fellow market-seller shouted. She said this to grab my attention and greet me as she often does when I come to the market to visit my beloved, Adaku. I waved … Continue reading MMUOMMIRI – ARINOLA OSOSANYA