Third mainland is still hungry

I once heard that before your foundations were laid, the water goddesses and marine spirits had to be appeased in order for your foundations to even hold. The person who told me this said it was standard Nigerian practice even for the building of roads because the gods hate an intrusion and are always hungry for … Continue reading Third mainland is still hungry

Whisper in the wind- Tiyinoluwa Olushola-Alao

­Whisper in the wind, A deafening silence. The dry green fields boast of a new flame, An eerie maroon flame: As quiet as a mist, As loud as a brooding thunderstorm’s vagitus, Where the screams of battle fluster to an uncontrolled madness, And the belly of the abyss feeds till its satisfaction. Sadness forms its … Continue reading Whisper in the wind- Tiyinoluwa Olushola-Alao

Direction-Similoluwa Aluko

Drifting Lagos souls. Thousands of us, Millions of us. We sleep to the lullaby of rattling generators And Afrobeat music from the party down the road. Yet, we wake up To the sweet birds chirping And the pompous hens clucking. We stare emptily at our dark rooms, At how light from surrounding houses Presses incredible … Continue reading Direction-Similoluwa Aluko