Ìtàn wa is a Yoruba phrase meaning ‘our story’. Through Ìtànwa, we use creative writing and theater arts to explore and educate people on cultures that are indigenous to Nigeria. We believe that in sharing our stories, we allow for a greater understanding of each other in our diversity. This understanding is a unifying power, that we believe is essential to our country.



These are collections of creative writing pieces that educate the readers on Nigerian culture.






Ìtànwa Festival

The Ìtànwa Festival is a theatrical event dedicated to sensitizing Nigerians to the beauty of Nigerian culture. Performers go through a program of classes in dance, music, creative writing, fine arts and acting.





Our Dynasty

This is a project that serves to document and promote the work and the stories of young Nigerian entrepreneurs and leaders. We interview youth whose work encouraged and allows for others to contribute positively to Nigeria’s future.